Who we are and what we do….

Here at Pondside we are dedicated to promoting the well being of retrievers everywhere. We believe that retrievers are unique in their loyalty to their human persons and their desire to be friends with everyone! We admire their playful approach to life and their optimistic attitude as well as their intelligence and sense of adventure. While we admire and assist all breeds of retrievers, you will find that we have a special soft spot for Labradors in particular. They are undoubtedly our favorites!

Alfie, Dallas and Kitt
Alfie, Dallas and Kitt

We believe in the necessity to preserve high quality breed standards in order to maintain the wonderful temperament that we have grown to love and to ensure that each breed of retrievers maintains dogs of excellent health. For this reason we support the work of reputable breeders.

Below are a couple of the beautiful Golden Retriever pups from Top Notch Kennel in Downsville, NY. You can visit the kennel’s website by clicking here.


We participate with our own dogs in agility, scent work, and rally obedience, but we support all areas of recreation involving retrievers including hunting, dock diving and working farm dogs (our own Casey was a great help on the farm!). We encourage all dog owners to participate in basic dog training sessions and to strive to achieve the AKC Canine Good Citizen award.

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