In addition to our group classes and one on one training, we are excited to offer our new ONLINE training program!

This program will cover everything that we present in our basic group training sessions. While we strongly believe in the importance of the positive social experiences that group training classes provide, we also understand that our current health concerns and sometimes other limitations might prevent you from being able to attend. To this end, we have created our on-line program so that we can help you get your new puppy or shelter dog off to a great start.

Our new program can be found at…


Hello! I’m Diane DeDominicis and I have been training dogs since I was in high school. My experience has grown through my work as a groomer and breeder in my early adult life, and eventually through our family’s work in rescue. We have had well over 150 rescue dogs through our home and it is from this experience, with so many different breeds and personalities, that I have gained my best experiences as a trainer. I continue to educate myself in the latest science and best practices in the field through a variety of training courses from some of the top trainers in the country.

We specialize in positive reinforcement training with the goal of helping your dogs grow into the best companions they can be.

We offer both group training classes and private, in-home training sessions. Our Group classes are currently held at Neahwa Park in Oneonta. Each program runs for 6 weeks. We offer a basic class in communication and manners designed for your new dog or puppy, covering such behaviors as sit, down, stay, recall, walking politely on leash and a few more. We also address some common behavior issues such as play biting and jumping up. In addition to our basic class, we offer a more advanced class designed to help you prepare for the AKC Canine Good Citizen Award.

For more information, you can contact me directly at or check our facebook page for upcoming classes.

Group Classes: $90 for the 6 week program

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