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Pondside Retriever Ranch is located on a 25 acre hobby farm in Treadwell, NY.

We can be reached by email at

Our lovely Acer
Our lovely Acer

5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I just wanted to say how beautiful your labs are. I do agility with your mom in FL and I have big yellow field lab , he’ll be 10 in Dec.

    She’s told me about your puppies & referred me to your website. Iam not ready for another lab yet, but it’s great to know someone who has beautiful labs & good breeding.

    I also have a 12 1/2yr old black lab.

    Maybe when the time is ready, it’s nice to know someone who breeds beautiful (red) yellow labs.


  2. Good Afternoon, I am contacting you to ask you if you would be interested in advertising in the Canine Directory for 2021. It is a magazine that is distributed in High Traffic businesses that canine lovers patronize. We put it in Otsego, Schoharie, Delaware and Chenango Counties. It has all things canine in it-breeders, groomers, trainers, kennel and fence buiders, pet accessory stores, dog food companies etc. Besides the advertisers, I include interesting articles on exceptional canines, first aid articles, emergency prep articles, nutrition and training. We have 1/3 page for $145, 1/2 page for $175, full page for $250 and a business card size for $65. We do not ask for payment till April when the magazine comes out. Please let me know if I can advertise for you.


  3. Hello to the ever expanding DeDomincus family !!! This is Denis… Peter’s mom I live here in sunny Florida on the gulf side. I do have a friend who lost his beloved lab in July. He’s not sure he’s ready for a new lab only I will be sure and let him know about your fantastic Enterprise! I really miss you all and I miss the mountain only I had to go where the wind blew me. I wish you massive success and I can’t believe Joey is such a grown up man! hugs to all !!💖🙏🤗


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