Training and More Training

It seems lately I have been spending a great deal of my time in training classes and I find that I enjoy that very much! I have taken on the task of instructing dog training classes through our local 4h program and honestly, Im not sure which I am enjoying more…. the dogs or the kids! Both have been delightful to work with. We are just finishing up our 6 weeks of basic dog training. In a few weeks we will once again begin our agility classes. Last year’s group was so much fun and it looks like we have another great group to work with this year. I am excited to watch both the kids and their dogs grow their skills in the coming months. They never cease to impress me!

In addition to the 4h classes, I have decided to return to agility classes with my own dog, Kitt. We have been enjoying rally-o for the past few years, but I think he will enjoy going back to agility. It has been a while. I don’t expect great things from him in the realm of competition, but time spent with Kitt is always a pleasure and I know he enjoys his time with me as well. There is no love quite like that of a dedicated dog.

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