Busy, busy, busy!

With the pending arrival of another litter of puppies and a new round of classes in progress, we have been very busy with our dogs and enjoying every minute of it! The 4-h dog program is in full swing. We started this spring with a basic class for some new puppies and have now moved back into the agility ring. We have a mixture of some wonderful, seasoned teams that we have enjoyed for a couple years now as well as some new faces that are just getting started. I can’t say enough good things about this group! Both the kids and their dogs have been such a joy to work with. We are working hard to put together an Agility demo at this year’s county fair. My own dog, Kitt has also been coming along to play with us and he really enjoys being back in the field. He is quite lazy at home, but boy, does he come to life when he sees those jumps and tunnels!

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